Wednesday, May 28, 2014

meet the sharp's

him: evan is a 22 year old byu student who is currently studying to be a doctor with a fancy major that amanda can never remember the name of. (physiology and developmental biology). lover of eggs, any sort of juice, and making amanda laugh till she cries.

words that amanda uses to describe evan: silly, adventurous, hilarious, brilliant, know-it-all.

things you may not know about evan: he is the oldest of a big family of 6 kids. he is obsessed with chocolate milk. he hates the smell of lavender. he is more than happy to always do the dishes as long as he never has to clean the floor (amanda is fine with this arrangement). buddha-amanda and evan's betta fish-love's evan more then amanda (yes, it is possible for a fish to love). he loves to run.

her: amanda is a 20 year old byu students wife, hedgehog lover, and natural living aficionado. passionate about yummy food, cooking, huge trees and the rain. 

words that evan uses to describe amanda: goofball, fun, adorable, evil genius, mini-person.

things you may not know about amanda: her ultimate dream is to one day have their own homestead, complete with chickens and a milk cow. she thinks golden retrievers, and especially her family's dog gus, are one of the best things to happen in this world. she is really good at 15 puzzles, and really bad at card games. she has a bit of an obsession with harry potter. she talks about how much she wants to go to disneyland at least once every week. she hates to run.

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