Sunday, July 13, 2014

buckskin gulch

me and evan drove down to kanab, ut to meet my parents for a hiking trip and to celebrate the fourth of july. we had a great time on our little trip, and it was absolutely beautiful!

we left provo early on thursday morning the 3rd, and drove down to kanab, ut. once we were in kanab, we met my parents, max, and max's friend dane. we then drove out to buckskin gulch, which is about 40 miles outside of kanab. we drove along a really bumpy dirt road for about 8 miles to get to the buckskin gulch trail head. once we got to the parking lot, we started the journey!

we wet about 4 miles into the canyon, we heard a loud crack of thunder and looked up to see dark storm clouds. since buckskin gulch is a slot canyon, and is considered one of the top ten most dangerous hikes in the world due to flash floods, we naturally got a little worried and started heading back. it was an amazing experience, and i was totally in awe of the beauty of southern utah. if you ever have a chance to do this hike i highly recommend it!