Sunday, August 3, 2014

july 2014

i decided to start doing month review posts, so here is july 2014.

we spent the fourth of july in kanab with my parents, little brother, and his friend dane. we stayed at the cutest hotel, the quail park lodge. we absolutely loved this hotel! they had great service, and it was so adorable how it was decorated. they had beach cruisers for the hotel guests to take around town for free, and there was also a fire pit and sitting area where we loved sitting and chatting. if you are ever in kanab, i would definitely recommend staying here.

we went for a delicious breakfast at a restaurant called houston's trails end, which was right on the main street of town where we had a great view of the 4th of july parade. the parade was so fun, and there were some great floats. i especially loved the float with the class of 1964 from kanab high school. they were so funny! they had water guns and they were squirting all of the little kids with water. i thought it was awesome that so many of them were still living in kanab after all these years!   there were also lots of old cars and one really cool vintage fire truck. i love small towns, and  i definitely wouldn't mind living in a small town one day.


after the parade, we headed back to the hotel to check out and make our way back to provo. we had a great time eating delicious ham and cheese sliders, and then setting off some cool fireworks that dane's mom had bought for us. it was definitely a great fourth of july!

my family stayed in provo for the next week while max and dane had lacrosse camp at BYU. i can't believe how good max is at lacrosse! maybe one day he'll play for BYU :) it was a really fun week full of lots of fun memories (scheels, provo beach resort with max and dane, countless rounds of telestrations, and the bowl game). we also ate at lots of really good restaurants. (thanks mom and dad!)

since we've been trying to eat out less, we tried some really yummy new recipes this month. we especially loved crock pot veggie lasagna, because in our tiny apartment, its crazy how hot it gets with the oven on!

speaking of apartments, we also had a little bit of stress trying to find a new apartment to move into on the 15th of august when our contract is up. nothing was seeming to work out for the longest time, but we finally had an answer to prayers! we really love the new apartment that we're planning to move into, and it is a huge step up from our current situation.  it has almost all of the major things we have been missing in our current one, (including a dishwasher, A.C., and a bathroom counter) and we'll have much more space which will be great.

overall, july was a great month!